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medical services

This modern treatment aims to replace organs or tissues with organs or parts of healthy organs or tissues.

The organs or tissues that are implanted in the body of the same person are called self-grafting, and organ transplants between two species of the same species are called heterozygous processes, and heterozygous processes can be performed either from a living source or from a brain dead person.

The tissues of deceased donors can be acquired with heart attacks within 24 hours of heart failure.

Organ transplantation is one of the most difficult and complicated areas of modern medicine. Its most prominent problems are the rejection of the body to the dislocated member. The protection system in the human body against the dangerous and polluting factors treats the organ as a foreign object. Within a short period of time, Immune action leading to rejection of taste.

This science studies all hormones related to diseases of imbalance in the hormonal balance of the human body, or damage to some cells producing hormones or the use of hormonal drugs.

The Endocrine System is a method of communication within the body, consisting of a group of cells that secrete hormones as chemical messages from their secretions to other organs to connect cells to each other through the blood stream.

These cells include what is a factor in the secretion of hormones such as the thyroid, adrenal and adrenal, and what is not the factor of the sweat glands and lymph nodes, and these hormones are responsible for the activities of physiological in the body such as growth and heat, sleep and adulthood in addition to regulate the level of sugar and... Read More

Cancer occurs when uncontrolled cells in the body begin to grow and divide to form lumps or tumors that appear in the tissues of the body, except in the case of leukemia, which appears in the form of abnormal blood cell division in the bloodstream.

There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Species are classified according to the type of cell they are affected at first, and this tumor spreads uncontrollably.

Where the cells can grow and interfere with the digestive system, nervous and circulatory system; hormones are called the change of vital functions in the body, and when the spread of the disease in different parts of the body becomes very serious and difficult to cure, tumors that remain in one place and do not grow are from benign tumors .

The disease affects people at different ages, and increases the risk... Read More

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery in medicine and specializes in musculoskeletal problems. Orthopedic surgeons use surgical and non-surgical methods to treat musculoskeletal injuries, playground injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors and congenital defects.

This surgery is considered to be one of the most important surgeries since ancient times. The increase in bone disease, its nature and its diversity have contributed to the growth of surgical technology to correct the problems of injuries resulting from various accidents in work and road.

And continued work on scientific studies to find improved types of joints and the termination of many of its problems and complications, and reached the therapeutic techniques solutions that helped a large part of the people, including athletes to restore their daily activity in full walking and movement without the effects and complications indicate that they do... Read More

Heart disease is a description of a range of heart diseases, including vascular diseases such as coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmias and congenital heart defects.

The term "heart disease" generally refers to cases involving narrowing or blocking of blood vessels

The term "heart disease" is often used interchangeably with the term "cardiovascular disease", which generally refers to cases involving narrowing or clogging of blood vessels, which can lead to a heart attack or chest pain (angina) or stroke. Other heart diseases such as those that affect the heart muscles, valves or systems are also forms of heart disease.

Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease. It can be caused by corrective problems such as unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, excessive weight and... Read More

Pediatrics is defined as a branch of medicine that deals with the health of children from birth to adolescence. Pediatrics is not limited to the treatment of childhood diseases, such as chronic diseases and acute diseases, but also provides advice to prevent them from diseases Maintain their health and safety, as well as provide advice to parents about the care of their children in general and infants in particular.

Pediatrics focuses on the importance of breastfeeding, monitoring the growth and development of children, their mental abilities, their skills, and their ability to communicate with other members of society.

Pediatrics has evolved as an independent branch of medicine, because many health problems occur mainly or exceptionally in children.

Because children differ physically and psychologically from adults, doctors have to treat them differently. In addition, children are fast growing, making their change faster than... Read More

Ophthalmology is one of the most important and important branches of medicine. This great specialty of medicine helps in the treatment of various eye diseases and saves millions of people around the world from vision loss or blindness.

This is considered one of the finest and most accurate branches, especially since ophthalmology is a wide area, with many branches.

This medicine deals with eye diseases in general, in addition to the surgery of the optical pathways in the eye such as optic nerve, cornea, iris, retina and lens, as well as areas surrounding the eye such as eyelids and the lacrimal system.

It also deals with the treatment of diseases of the eye due to external effects such as viral or bacterial eye infections, spring ophthalmology, as well as the treatment of refractive defects in the eyesight such as myopia and myopia, and the process... Read More

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