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Turkey is now entering the real estate market with a strong competitive edge with its surroundings from the neighboring countries and the countries of the world as a whole, where the real estate market today represents 20% of GDP, which makes it a source of good returns on the Turkish economy, Turkey was ranked among the top 10 countries to buy property for 2017.

In First Guide, you can rely on the services of our legal group in managing the procedures of owning a property for which you specify the type, area and details of the property within a period not exceeding one week and an amount starting at $ 50,000 per... Read More

Turkey is one of the best producers of food and beverages, ranking third in terms of agricultural production.

The food industry in Turkey is a major pillar of its economy, with the food and beverage sector accounting for 18.9% of GDP.

This is because Turkey is a suitable place for agricultural production because of its fertile land and temperate climate, as well as the high conditions set by the Turkish government for food production in general.

Food and beverage products manufactured in Turkey are characterized by high quality, tasty taste and high quality.

There are countless types of food in Turkish markets, including:

Canned food, Dairy, Milk, Vegetables, Eggs, Spices, Herbs, Biscuit, Chocolate, Oils, etc.,... Read More

Turkey always strives to be at the forefront of the world in many different fields, especially in the field of agriculture, especially after achieving this European leadership.

Turkey ranks first among the countries of the European continent and seventh in the world in the agricultural sector, and ranks first in the world in the production of many different agricultural crops.

All this has been achieved in concrete and real steps, especially in the availability of fertile land and diverse climate and the presence of excellent location and labor.

As a result of the diversity of geographical and climatic regions in Turkey, it produces many kinds of pulses, vegetables and fruits, as well as animal products such as animal feed, plant seeds, agricultural fertilizers and... Read More

Turkey, which is considered one of the most important industrialized countries in the world, has recently witnessed an increase in the demand for Turkish cars and motorcycles, including pieces and accessories.

Where Turkey knows the quality of its industry and excellence, both in design and production capacity and also in high compliance with international safety and quality standards.

The automotive and motorcycle sector plays a vital role in the transfer of production, knowledge and technology to Turkey.

The industry covers small and medium cars down to heavy... Read More

The Turkish construction and construction sector is one of the most powerful economic sectors and the largest production in Turkey has made it an important source of import.

The success of this sector at the regional and global level depends on the skill and accuracy of the work in addition to having extensive experience and experience.

In the recent period, the demand for building materials from Turkey has increased significantly due to its recent high quality.

There are many types of construction and building materials, including:

  • air conditioning devices
  • Heating devices
  • medical supplies
  • Interior and exterior materials
  • Cement
  • Coating... Read More

The chemical industry has a unique position in the manufacturing sector, not only because it produces end products, but also because it provides intermediate and raw products to countless other industries.

Thanks to the strong growth of the market fueled by manufacturing, Turkey is an attractive investment site for chemical companies because of its ability to meet challenges, which depend on consumer markets and the competitive cost of production.

Attention to the quality of such products, which play an important role in the quality of finished products, makes the Turkish chemical market an ideal destination for quality, reliability and reliability.

We review some of the chemical industries in Turkish laboratories as follows:

  • Manufacture of paints and dyes of all kinds.
  • Manufacture of mineral oils of all kinds.
  • Manufacture of all kinds of medicines.
  • Cosmetics industry.
  • Turkey is one of the most important industrial countries in the world, and has recently increased demands on Turkish products, the most important alarm systems and control devices, in view of the great progress achieved by Turkey in industrialization and quality is also high.

    Security measures are a key element in successfully carrying out various activities and activities, where a person is more reassured when he or she is acquiring all the safety and protection products.

    This is what many traders of such products call import from Turkey for their high demand as a reliable and guaranteed source, because the use of such products is somewhat delicate.

    These measures vary according to the places, jobs and tasks performed by the person, such as:

    • Surveillance equipment and recordings: including high-definition cameras, video and audio intercoms, surveillance cameras.
    • Alarm systems: Various types.
    • Safety and security... Read More

Turkish footwear is a world-wide destination due to its keenness to offer high quality products. The shoe industry in Turkey is based on elegance and sophistication, as well as a passion for different tastes around the world.

For this reason, the interest in Turkish shoes has increased and the demand for them has increased because of its convenient, practical and different colors.

The Turkish footwear trade has become increasingly large in many countries of the world because of its international quality and the corresponding prices acceptable to allow an excellent profit margin.

There are a variety of shoes for women, men and children in Turkish markets such as:

  • Sports shoes.
  • Medical footwear.
  • Formal shoes.
  • Shoe blackboard.
  • They are also available for all... Read More

Turkish culture is characterized by fashion and clothing in terms of form, color and quality, reflecting the richness of this culture and the fragmentation of its civilization.

The Turkish garment industry continues to expand in recent years to reach international markets, and the demand for Turkish products has increased significantly because it is elegant and elegant in style. It is also comfortable and practical, and suits fashion and tastes in terms of coordinated colors and all ages.

Maintaining excellent quality at fairly affordable prices makes it a commercial destination for many garment business owners and in many countries around the world.

Garments that can be imported from Turkey include many types:

Pajamas, shirts, jackets, blouses, sets, pants and other fashion for men, women and children alike.

This trade also includes special clothing types such as: Clothes workers, school clothes, military clothing, medical clothing and many... Read More

Turkey is seeking to become a global competitor to other developed countries in the field of health services and the medical supplies industry, so it has not only achieved regional excellence but also surpassed it internationally, becoming a recognized center of health care.

Due to the great advances in the medical device industry, demand has increased significantly.

So if you are in front of the opening of a health center and need medical equipment to meet your services and be of high quality and excellent efficiency, Turkey will be your right destination for... Read More

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