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Cosmetic Dental

A beautiful smile is a right and a requirement for every human being, especially women, and the beautiful smile plays a key role in how the person assesses himself and sees him, as well as how much impression others have on him.
But many bad habits affect the shape and color of teeth and stacking such as smoking and drinking beverages with dyes, as well as the use of teeth as a sharp machine, making the perfect smile impossible and difficult to reach.
With the recent development of cosmetic dentistry, it has become possible to obtain perfect and healthy teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry includes orthodontic calendar, cosmetic face, bleaching, crowns and bridges, implantation, reshaping of the gums, and complete reconstruction of the smile.

Surgery Booking

Contact us through our website or phone numbers mentioned in the website to get some preliminary information (analyzes, Ray images, medical reports) available before you move on to the next step

Present the case to the appropriate medical team for consideration and determine the most appropriate treatment according to available information, inform you of the medical team’s recommendations, and move on to the next step.

Coordinate the final procedures, which include flight bookings, hotel accommodation, hospital and medical staff bookings, as well as coordinating a recovery journey after treatment if desired.

First Guide

Who Are We?

A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way

What Do We Offer?

First Guide provides comprehensive and comprehensive services that may be needed by people inside and outside Turkey, including medical services, tourism services, commercial services, and legal services

Why Choose Us?

Because we are so diverse and comprehensive that we can serve our customers with the greatest needs in one place. Our long experience in the field of work enables us to accomplish business in record time and with the highest accuracy

Gums Problems

Some people suffer from sensitive gums that cause the accumulation of lime, bacteria and plaque on the teeth, which leads to tooth decay, and sometimes may appear severe infections in the gums and consists of furuncles, which is extremely dangerous because it affects the integrity of the whole body, in this case You should visit your dentist to clean your gums and get rid of infections, and then you can resort to surgery but it is often the last option



This problem is not only a cosmetic solution, it is the only way to enable the person to get teeth well paved, in this case is not only the purpose of the cosmetic process, but the modification of teeth and return to its natural place to be consistent with each other, As the teeth become consistent with the shape of the face and composition. Orthodontics


Cosmetic Dental

If you suffer from warping or broken teeth or decay, you can resort to cosmetic operations that will address all these problems through the white filling, which improves the appearance of teeth, and is used in the case of gaps between the teeth.

When Do You Do
The Surgery

Teeth Whitening

There are many ways to whiten teeth, some resort to home whitening recipes that may succeed in the case of a few yellowing, and the use of sodium bicarbonate is one of the most important ways to whiten teeth home, recommended to place on the toothbrush instead of putty, but these methods need time Long up comes with the desired result, while everyone wants the best results in a short time


Flanged lip

A defect that makes the person’s appearance inappropriate, and is treated through the use of a fixed orthodontic device, and if this method does not work, it is inevitable to resort to cosmetic surgery.

All dentists confirm that it is best to resort to dental procedures in the event of a defect or problem such as restoring a broken tooth or lifting the gums or orthodontic or the presence of congenital defect affects the form of mouth and teeth


Restoration and Filling of Teeth

This method is used in the presence of caries and patches do not disappear even after the use of some methods of whitening teeth at home or clinic, or irregular spacing between the teeth, as well as in the case of short teeth or change color after cutting the nerve.


Recovery after Dental Cosmetic Surgery

The period of recovery is one of the most important stages in the success of any surgery, but varies according to the nature of the process. Most dental procedures are easy and simple, do not require a great recovery period, but there is a set of instructions that must be followed in order to maintain the integrity of the surgery.

  • In the case of teeth bleaching, should be used Candida containing a large concentration of tooth sensitivity deodorants such as fluoride and potassium nitrate, because after the end of the process may feel a person some pain, these Candida help reduce pain.
  • For people who use tooth whitening molds, they can use bleach solutions alternately with fluoride solutions and potassium nitrate.
  • A person can relax for one day after dental procedures no matter what and then return to work the next day, unless the doctor asks him to stay home longer.



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