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Ophthalmology is one of the most important and important branches of medicine. This great specialty of medicine helps in the treatment of various eye diseases and saves millions of people around the world from vision loss or blindness.

This is considered one of the finest and most accurate branches, especially since ophthalmology is a wide area, with many branches.

This medicine deals with eye diseases in general, in addition to the surgery of the optical pathways in the eye such as optic nerve, cornea, iris, retina and lens, as well as areas surrounding the eye such as eyelids and the lacrimal system.


It also deals with the treatment of diseases of the eye due to external effects such as viral or bacterial eye infections, spring ophthalmology, as well as the treatment of refractive defects in the eyesight such as myopia and myopia, and the process of cultivating lenses and treatment of white water and water glaucoma.

Ophthalmology has developed throughout history. Eye care has existed since Hippocrates. Doctors have been interested in developing this science in an important way and have discovered many devices that facilitate examination and treatment.

Surgery Booking

Contact us through our website or phone numbers mentioned in the website to get some preliminary information (analyzes, Ray images, medical reports) available before you move on to the next step

Present the case to the appropriate medical team for consideration and determine the most appropriate treatment according to available information, inform you of the medical team’s recommendations, and move on to the next step.

Coordinate the final procedures, which include flight bookings, hotel accommodation, hospital and medical staff bookings, as well as coordinating a recovery journey after treatment if desired.

First Guide

Who Are We?

A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way

What Do We Offer?

First Guide provides comprehensive and comprehensive services that may be needed by people inside and outside Turkey, including medical services, tourism services, commercial services, and legal services

Why Choose Us?

Because we are so diverse and comprehensive that we can serve our customers with the greatest needs in one place. Our long experience in the field of work enables us to accomplish business in record time and with the highest accuracy

Corneal Transplantation

A surgical procedure in which the damaged cornea is replaced by a healthy cornea from a donor or tissue from the intact cornea if the damage is partial. This can restore vision, reduce pain and improve the damaged or damaged cornea.


Blue Water

Is a surgical procedure being an opening in the iris to discharge the eye fluids resulting from high eye pressure, which works to damage the tissues of the optic nerve.

The Most Famous Types
Eyes Surgery

Surgery of LTK Eye Laser

Is an operation aimed at correcting the vision of people who often use glasses or contact lenses to change the shape of the cornea or reduce it by laser beam, which improves the ability of the cornea to focus the light inside the eye on the retina and correct the error inverter.


White Water

Is a surgical procedure used to treat the mist of the eye lens during the process of removing the dark lens and compensated by other industrial, which in turn helps to improve the visual ability.


Eyes Illnesses

There are many diseases that we offer you services for treatment, including:

  • Optical surgery to correct refractive defects
  • Myopia and hyperopia
  • For eye optics
  • Myopia
  • Diseases of the surface of the eye
  • Inflammation of the iris
  • Nervous eye medicine
  • Diseases of the orbit of the eye, eyelids and the path of the tear
  • Retinal surgery
  • Age-related macular degeneration (DMLA)
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Obstruction of retinal veins
  • Chorionic nephropathy and central serotonin
  • Symptoms of white spots
  • Squint



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Specialist Doctors


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