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Pediatrics is defined as a branch of medicine that deals with the health of children from birth to adolescence. Pediatrics is not limited to the treatment of childhood diseases, such as chronic diseases and acute diseases, but also provides advice to prevent them from diseases Maintain their health and safety, as well as provide advice to parents about the care of their children in general and infants in particular.

Pediatrics focuses on the importance of breastfeeding, monitoring the growth and development of children, their mental abilities, their skills, and their ability to communicate with other members of society.

Pediatrics has evolved as an independent branch of medicine, because many health problems occur mainly or exceptionally in children.

Because children differ physically and psychologically from adults, doctors have to treat them differently. In addition, children are fast growing, making their change faster than adults.

Reserved and Surgery Booking

Contact us through our website or phone numbers mentioned in the website to get some preliminary information (analyzes, Ray images, medical reports) available before you move on to the next step

Present the case to the appropriate medical team for consideration and determine the most appropriate treatment according to available information, inform you of the medical team’s recommendations, and move on to the next step

Coordinate the final procedures, which include flight bookings, hotel accommodation, hospital and medical staff bookings, as well as coordinating a recovery journey after treatment if desired.

First Guide

Who Are We?

A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way

What Do We Offer?

First Guide provides comprehensive and comprehensive services that may be needed by people inside and outside Turkey, including medical services, tourism services, commercial services, and legal services

Why Choose Us?

Because we are so diverse and comprehensive that we can serve our customers with the greatest needs in one place. Our long experience in the field of work enables us to accomplish business in record time and with the highest accuracy

Neonatal Diseases

This includes all the problems that a child experiences immediately after birth, especially for children born prematurely, as well as monitoring normal weight, growth and body functions.



This specialization deals with important aspects such as the development of visual function in the child or congenital problems that may directly or indirectly affect the effectiveness of the sense of sight, and control any abnormalities in vision such as diarrhea or refractive defect and other things that may occur in the stage of growth.

The Most Famous Specialization Of


Pediatric Dentistry continues to grow the baby’s teeth from the moment the first tooth begins to complete the full tooth growth, in addition to providing some nutritional advice to parents for healthy and regular growth of their child’s teeth.



This helps to detect any problems in the child’s mental abilities that may affect his or her development, early detection of mental illness, and advice to parents about child care and care.


Pediatric Tasks

Pediatric specialties today are considered one of the most important specialties around the world because the child’s body differs from his / her health problems and his / her therapeutic and therapeutic needs.

Protecting the child from many diseases that may affect his body.
Early detection and diagnosis of the child’s disease and identification of treatment methods.
Follow-up on all new developments in medicine and health problems for children around the world and take care of all information about them.
Preventing children with disabilities by educating parents about this, in addition to the importance of genetic counseling before marriage.



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Specialist Doctors


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