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This science studies all hormones related to diseases of imbalance in the hormonal balance of the human body, or damage to some cells producing hormones or the use of hormonal drugs.

The Endocrine System is a method of communication within the body, consisting of a group of cells that secrete hormones as chemical messages from their secretions to other organs to connect cells to each other through the blood stream.

These cells include what is a factor in the secretion of hormones such as the thyroid, adrenal and adrenal, and what is not the factor of the sweat glands and lymph nodes, and these hormones are responsible for the activities of physiological in the body such as growth and heat, sleep and adulthood in addition to regulate the level of sugar and appetite.

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Contact us through our website or phone numbers mentioned in the website to get some preliminary information (analyzes, Ray images, medical reports) available before you move on to the next step

Present the case to the appropriate medical team for consideration and determine the most appropriate treatment according to available information, inform you of the medical team’s recommendations, and move on to the next step.

Coordinate the final procedures, which include flight bookings, hotel accommodation, hospital and medical staff bookings, as well as coordinating a recovery journey after treatment if desired.

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Who Are We?

A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way

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First Guide provides comprehensive and comprehensive services that may be needed by people inside and outside Turkey, including medical services, tourism services, commercial services, and legal services

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Because we are so diverse and comprehensive that we can serve our customers with the greatest needs in one place. Our long experience in the field of work enables us to accomplish business in record time and with the highest accuracy

Pineal Gland

Is located in the center of the brain and responsible for the secretion of melatonin in the control of the body’s biological clock, the disorder also causes health and psychological problems.


The Pituitary Gland

A group of hormones is released from its position within the skull but controls a number of body functions, making it safe to maintain safety.



It is located above the left kidney and is responsible for the regulation of metabolic processes and the balance of water and salts in the blood, so its disturbance is sensitive and needs immediate treatment.

Types of


This gland in the lower anterior region of the neck deals with metabolism, growth and development, and sometimes it is deficient or hyperactivity, and each of them damage and treatment methods.



Of the endocrine contribute to the digestion and control of blood sugar, which is located behind the stomach from the left upper abdomen, and the disorder is dragging multiple health problems.



They are testicles in males, ovaries in females, responsible for the secretion of testosterone and estrogen in the body, and sometimes infect diseases, infections and various disorders.


Endocrine Mechanism

Glands depend on the mechanism of feedback in controlling the level of secretion; the more the secretion of a hormone beyond the need of the body sends some glands signals to the gland responsible for it to reduce its level to the normal limit.

The activity of these glands and their functions is negatively affected when a variety of factors affect the secretion and delivery of hormones such as age, the presence of diseases in the body or stress and fatigue.



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