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Organ Transplant

This modern treatment aims to replace organs or tissues with organs or parts of healthy organs or tissues.

The organs or tissues that are implanted in the body of the same person are called self-grafting, and organ transplants between two species of the same species are called heterozygous processes, and heterozygous processes can be performed either from a living source or from a brain dead person.

The tissues of deceased donors can be acquired with heart attacks within 24 hours of heart failure.

Organ Transplant Surgery

Organ transplantation is one of the most difficult and complicated areas of modern medicine. Its most prominent problems are the rejection of the body to the dislocated member. The protection system in the human body against the dangerous and polluting factors treats the organ as a foreign object. Within a short period of time, Immune action leading to rejection of taste.

Transplantation of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, intestines, heart, lungs, bone marrow, pancreatic cells, skin, cornea and bones. Organ transplantation is a complex and very difficult process, but it is the best way to treat. Job failure for a particular member. Transplant therapy increases the survival of the patient and improves the quality of life.

Surgery Booking

Contact us through our website or phone numbers mentioned in the website to get some preliminary information (analyzes, Ray images, medical reports) available before you move on to the next step

Present the case to the appropriate medical team for consideration and determine the most appropriate treatment according to available information, inform you of the medical team’s recommendations, and move on to the next step.

Coordinate the final procedures, which include flight bookings, hotel accommodation, hospital and medical staff bookings, as well as coordinating a recovery journey after treatment if desired.

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Abdominal Organ Transplantation

These include liver, kidney, intestines, live or deceased donors, pancreatic and gastric implants, and only deceased donors.



It is considered a process of agriculture because blood is an essential element in the human body, where blood or its derivatives are transferred from a live donor through the self-bait to satisfy the body’s need for the lost or defective product.

The Most Common
Organ Transplants

Chest Transplantation

Such as transplantation of the heart or lung, agriculture is replaced by a healthy member of a deceased donor if the heart is implanted, died or died in case of lung transplantation.


Cells Transplantation

The most famous is the cultivation of stem cells or bone marrow for adults and is a living donor and the self-baiting method of the injured.


Importance of Organs Transplantation

The aim of this modern treatment to replace damaged or infected members of the patient with healthy organs or tissues, and despite the difficulty and complexity of these operations, but they proved effective as the best cure for the failure of a member.

These operations increase the chances of prolonging the survival of the patient and improving the health of his life significantly, especially that agriculture is often for sensitive members such as heart, lung, blood, kidneys, cells or tissues.

It is considered in these studies to adapt the organ transplant with the future body to ensure the success of the process of agriculture, has been discovered a set of drugs have proved effective in the treatment of the problem of rejection of the body of the taste or organ transplant, which makes the development of these processes and prosperity is fast.



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