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Agriculture and Animal Products

Turkey always strives to be at the forefront of the world in many different fields, especially in the field of agriculture, especially after achieving this European leadership.

Turkey ranks first among the countries of the European continent and seventh in the world in the agricultural sector, and ranks first in the world in the production of many different agricultural crops.

All this has been achieved in concrete and real steps, especially in the availability of fertile land and diverse climate and the presence of excellent location and labor.

As a result of the diversity of geographical and climatic regions in Turkey, it produces many kinds of pulses, vegetables and fruits, as well as animal products such as animal feed, plant seeds, agricultural fertilizers and others.

How to Import from Turkey?

Determine the type of product or goods to be imported from Turkey and the quantity required of them because this will have a role in the prices of products and shipping.

Search for an import company that is reliable and experienced in this field and agree with them on matters of import and benefit from their offers, and this is available with us.

Provide the best price quotes obtained from companies with the possibility of sending some samples, depending on the nature of the goods required.

Request the quantity and type required from the exporter and sign contracts and fix the price list and the date of shipment accurately, with the continued coordination until the arrival of goods to the agreed place.

First Guide

Who Are We?

A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way A team that has had many experiences and public relations in Turkey over the past years, aims to invest these experiences in serving customers in the most appropriate way

What Do We Offer?

First Guide provides comprehensive and comprehensive services that may be needed by people inside and outside Turkey, including medical services, tourism services, commercial services, and legal services

Why Choose Us?

Because we are so diverse and comprehensive that we can serve our customers with the greatest needs in one place. Our long experience in the field of work enables us to accomplish business in record time and with the highest accuracy

Competitive Prices

In addition to its quality, Turkish products are competitive with similar products in other countries, making them attractive to many traders and industrialists around the world, especially in the neighboring countries of Turkey.


Great Business Progress

The recent years in the Turkish market have witnessed remarkable progress thanks to the efforts of the government aimed at making Turkey one of the first countries in the world economically. The government has supported all small and large projects to achieve the goal of development.

Import from Turkey

The Diversity and Quality of Turkish Products

As a result of industrial and commercial development, Turkish products have become very diverse and meet the various needs in the market, and the high quality of the goods makes them very competitive in the market.


Ease of Procedures

The procedures for importing goods from Turkey are simple and easy and do not require many things. It is sufficient for the importer to have a commercial register, a tax register, an import license with an effective bank account and a customs agent to be authorized to carry out all the procedures.


The Most Important Thing to Consider when Buying Agricultural or Animal Products

Two basic steps must be taken to complete the purchase of agricultural crops or animal products:

First choose an agricultural or animal products companies appropriate to buy the goods:

The product must be carefully selected and then ordered and we will work to secure you at a suitable price, high quality and best types.

Second, choose the appropriate shipping company to deliver the goods to you:

All you have to choose is the shipping company we will deal with for the shipping and customs clearance process and we will make sure to provide it to you quickly and safely.





Import Process





Our Divers Services

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