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Turkey is now entering the real estate market with a strong competitive edge with its surroundings from the neighboring countries and the countries of the world as a whole, where the real estate market today represents 20% of GDP, which makes it a source of good returns on the Turkish economy, Turkey was ranked among the top 10 countries to buy property for 2017.

In First Guide, you can rely on the services of our legal group in managing the procedures of owning a property for which you specify the type, area and details of the property within a period not exceeding one week and an amount starting at $ 50,000 per... Read More

Turkey is one of the best producers of food and beverages, ranking third in terms of agricultural production.

The food industry in Turkey is a major pillar of its economy, with the food and beverage sector accounting for 18.9% of GDP.

This is because Turkey is a suitable place for agricultural production because of its fertile land and temperate climate, as well as the high conditions set by the Turkish government for food production in general.

Food and beverage products manufactured in Turkey are characterized by high quality, tasty taste and high quality.

There are countless types of food in Turkish markets, including:

Canned food, Dairy, Milk, Vegetables, Eggs, Spices, Herbs, Biscuit, Chocolate, Oils, etc.,... Read More

Having insurance means you get the most important foundation of life in Turkey, and the Turkish government enforces binding laws that make it necessary.

The idea of insurance is based on the cooperation of a group of persons at risk from illness, disasters or accidents to pay contributions or premiums collected and distributed to those who have a disaster or danger.

So that the person has paid a small amount of an article to be appointed by a large amount if he was... Read More

Turkish law allows foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days to obtain legal permit on their territory with easy and inexpensive procedures.

It should be noted that the most important point in obtaining this residence is to apply to it before the end of the 90 days of entry into Turkish territory, because in the event that exceeds this period cannot get permit.

The permit is usually granted to a foreigner for a period of one year, subject to extension, provided that a valid passport is in place for more than six months upon request for extension.

We are happy to provide you all the services related to obtaining tourist permit and answer your inquiries when contacting... Read More

Turkish law allows foreigners working in Turkish territory, whether employees of Turkish companies or owners of their own companies, to obtain work and residence permits obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Our group provides its services in the field of extracting the work permit and setting up work for all those who wish to do so, and you can contact us for... Read More

Turkey's investment and labor market has been booming in recent years, so Turkey has become a destination for foreign investors who want to establish companies to invest their money.

Some may think that setting up a company in Turkey is difficult and requires a lot of time, but this is not true. Those wishing to establish a company in Turkey, whether inside Turkey or abroad, can do so with simple steps, especially with our services.

We note that all the steps that we will mention can be completed in 3 days, and you can rely on the services of our legal group in the preparation and conduct the establishment of your own business in... Read More

Turkey always strives to be at the forefront of the world in many different fields, especially in the field of agriculture, especially after achieving this European leadership.

Turkey ranks first among the countries of the European continent and seventh in the world in the agricultural sector, and ranks first in the world in the production of many different agricultural crops.

All this has been achieved in concrete and real steps, especially in the availability of fertile land and diverse climate and the presence of excellent location and labor.

As a result of the diversity of geographical and climatic regions in Turkey, it produces many kinds of pulses, vegetables and fruits, as well as animal products such as animal feed, plant seeds, agricultural fertilizers and... Read More

Turkey, which is considered one of the most important industrialized countries in the world, has recently witnessed an increase in the demand for Turkish cars and motorcycles, including pieces and accessories.

Where Turkey knows the quality of its industry and excellence, both in design and production capacity and also in high compliance with international safety and quality standards.

The automotive and motorcycle sector plays a vital role in the transfer of production, knowledge and technology to Turkey.

The industry covers small and medium cars down to heavy... Read More

The Turkish construction and construction sector is one of the most powerful economic sectors and the largest production in Turkey has made it an important source of import.

The success of this sector at the regional and global level depends on the skill and accuracy of the work in addition to having extensive experience and experience.

In the recent period, the demand for building materials from Turkey has increased significantly due to its recent high quality.

There are many types of construction and building materials, including:

  • air conditioning devices
  • Heating devices
  • medical supplies
  • Interior and exterior materials
  • Cement
  • Coating... Read More